The Atrium: A Breathtaking Entrance to the New Shaw

It doesn’t take the Shaw Center long to take your breath away. From the moment you step into the new 6,000 square foot atrium/lobby, it’s obvious that you are experiencing a new level of prestige and elegance at Graceland. The long, open windows fill the area with warm, natural light. Away from the windows, the wood paneled ceiling and lighting makes the space inviting and comfortable—it is surely an area that will become a hub for campus life.

The upstairs portion of the atrium is filled with chairs and couches, which will accommodate anxious spectators before a performance in the JR Black Box, or perhaps just students as they converse before Band class. The downstairs tables, chairs and benches provide an ideal location for meetings or perhaps a late-night study session for students. It is an area that university President John Sellars says will soon become a “living room” for the campus.

The space is large enough that it will be used for dinners and receptions, with the atrium alone providing the space for 250 people to have a sit-down dinner. This beautiful, open area already echoes with beautiful music as orchestra and band students craft their skills in classrooms just down the hall. With the atrium’s warm, graceful atmosphere, you’ll come to the Shaw for a performance, but you’ll linger long after to enjoy this remarkable space.