Past Symposium 

With the success of the inaugural environmental symposium in 2015, Graceland sustainability looks forward to hosting its second symposium during Spring 2017. Register here for the 2017 Food Citizen Symposium.

Want to watch video of presentations from the 2015 symposium? Click on the name of the speech below:

"Renewable Energy to the Rescue!" - presented by: Tom Wind, Owner of wind utility consulting

"Scaling Organic Food Production: The View from the Nut Farm" - presented by: Bob Ackerley, Founder of Rio Grande Organics, and Smith and Associates

"Environmental Stewardship" - presented by: Sarah Webb, Program and Outreach Coordinator for Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, and Matt Frizzell, Dean of Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University

"Sustainability 2015" - presented by: Michael Garvin, Former Technology Transfer Specialist for the University of Iowa

"Overcoming Denial and Addictions" - presented by: Leon Probasco, Graceland class of 1972, board-certified therapist and a speaker for the Climate Reality Project

"An Agricultural Revolution" - presented by: Ryan Schlom, Current Graceland honors student and sustainability campus leader

"The Anarchy of Food Waste - Finding a Solution" - presented by: Jennifer Trent, Environmental Specialist at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center, University of Northern Iowa

Symposium 2015 group

Pictured above are the presenters and supporters of the Graceland University 2015 symposium (from left to right): Sara Webb, Bob Ackerley, Tom Wind, Jennifer Abraham-White, Bonnie Garvin, Michael Garvin and Leon Probasco.

Hoop symposium 2015

Horticulture consultant Steve Upson of the Noble Foundation and Graceland University sustainability coordinator, Jennifer Abraham-White, discuss future plans in the hoop house during the 2015 symposium.

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