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Program of Study

Financial Advisor

Lamoni Campus

Last name A - E Kandi Snethen
Last name F - L Nicole Robins
Last name M - R Debbie Lundy
Last name S - Z Jaime Rucker

School of Education

Bachelor of Education  
Independence Campus  
     Last name A - L Logan Glaser
     Last name M - Z Stephanie Hunt
Indian Hills Community College Patty Slaughter
North Central Missouri College Patty Slaughter
Master of Education (Online) Patty Slaughter
Master of Education (Seated) Patty Slaughter

School of Nursing

     Last name A - L for the following programs Logan Glaser
     Last name M - Z for the following programs Stephanie Hunt
Distance Learning RN-BSN  
Distance Learning BA-HCM  
Distance Learning RN-MSN  
Distance Learning MSN  
Distance Learning DNP  
Traditional BSN-RN  


Patty Slaughter

Undergraduate Business Program

Online Program Patty Slaughter

Financial Advisors

Kandi Snethen
Ph: 641-784-5364

Patty Slaughter
Ph: 641-784-5427

Debbie Lundy
Ph: 641-784-5404

Tiffani Evans
Ph: 641-784-5140

Jaime Rucker
Ph: 641-784-5137

Loan Officer for Loans & Former Student Accounts:

Stacie Ury
Ph: 641-784-5134
Fax: 641-784-5242

You may also obtain information regarding your loan by contacting Graceland University’s
billing server, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI).
Ph: 412-788-3900
Toll-free: 888-549-3274
Fax: 412-494-5626