Peace Studies

Peace Studies Minor

A minor in Peace Studies consists of 18 semester hours or more of Peace Studies and selected electives. Nine semester hours, including POLS/PEAC2200, are required from the following:

  • POLS/PEAC2200 Introduction to Peace Studies 3 s.h.
  • POLS/PEAC3220 Global Peace Issues 3 s.h.
  • COMM/SOCI/PEAC3210 Conflict Resolution 3 s.h.
  • PEAC3700 Peace and Conflict Resolution Internship 3 s.h.

Nine semester hours of electives from the following courses are also required. Students must choose from at least three separate disciplines; cross-listed courses may not be counted as separate disciplines:

  • ARTS2400 Ethics, Politics, and Controversy in Art
  • BIOL1260 Environmental Biology
  • BIOL3400 Ecology
  • COMM/INTD3100 Intercultural Communications
  • COMM3310 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM3330 Dialogue: Theory and Practice
  • COMM3400 Ethical Issues in Communication
  • ECON/GEOG3280 Economic Development
  • ECON3440 International Economics
  • ENGL2570 Protest and Propaganda
  • ENGL3480 Cultural Studies
  • HIST3110 Gender and Women's History
  • HIST/POLS3240 United States Constitutional History
  • HIST/RELG3520 History of Christianity: The Last 1000 Years
  • HIST3530 History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  • HIST3560 United States Environmental History
  • PHIL1200 Environmental Ethics
  • POLS2350 Comparative Government and Politics
  • POLS2380 International Politics
  • PSYC/SOCI3310 Social Psychology
  • PSYC4430 Theory and Practice of Counseling
  • RELG3100 World Philosophies and Religions: Great Texts
  • RELG3200 Religions of the World
  • RELG3340 Religion and Ecology
  • SOCI1350 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOCI4330 Social Inequality

Courses in Peace Studies

PEAC2200 Introduction to Peace Studies (Also POLS2200) 3 s.h.
Introduces the field of peace studies with a survey of the historical and philosophical bases for peacemaking, patterns of conflict resolution, nonviolence, history of peace movements, world order models, alternative futures, positive peace, and career options. Goal 3E

PEAC3210 Conflict Management and Dialogue (Also COMM/SOCI3210) 3 s.h.
An examination of conflict theories and approaches, negotiation process, conflict ethics, and third party mediation. In this class, students will become familiar with the causes of conflict as well as ways strategies and tactics used in conflict management. Further, this class will explore the foundational theoretical concepts and models of dialogue in the context of conflict management. Goal 3B

+PEAC3220 Global Peace Issues (Also POLS3220) 3 s.h.
Focuses on the causes and resolution of conflict at the macro level (global violence and international peacemaking). 

PEAC3700 Peace and Conflict Resolution Internship 3 s.h.
An experienced-based program under the direction of the professional staff of a recognized service or policy-making agency. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.) Prerequisite: Instructor approval

+Denotes an alternate year course.