Master of Arts in Religion

Required Courses

RELG5011 Christian Theology 3 s.h.
RELG5022 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible 3 s.h.
RELG5040 New Testament I 3 s.h.
RELG5050 New Testament II 3 s.h.
RELG5060 History of Christian Thought I 3 s.h.
RELG5070 History of Christian Thought II 3 s.h.
RELG5330 Community of Christ I: 1820-1914, History-Scripture-Theology 3 s.h.*
RELG5340 Community of Christ II: 1914-Present, History-Scripture-Theology 3 s.h.*
RELG6240 Contemporary Culture and Theologies 3 s.h. Ministry Practicum 3 s.h.
RELG6500 Portfolio 0 s.h.
RELG6900 Advanced Topics in Practical Ministry 3 s.h.

*Students from other denominations may substitute approved denomination-specific coursework.