Our Mission

The Community of Christ Seminary is solidly grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by its religious heritage and tradition. This tradition understands that God's will and purpose for the world and the church continue to emerge out of the process of faithful response to human need. We affirm that the people of God are called to live in community with all creation, and that peace and justice are the touchstones by which the gospel of Jesus Christ is enfleshed.

The mission of the seminary is to educate and prepare — through prayerful scholarship, teaching, service and mentoring — faithful, creative and discerning leaders for ministries in congregations, church and the world. "[S]eek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning even by study and also by faith. (Doctrine and Covenants, 85:36)

A Message from the Dean

Matt Frizzell Peace! Salaam! Shalom!

I am Matt Frizzell, and I am thrilled to be the newly appointed Dean of Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University.

Seminary is no longer a graduate school only for professional ministers. Christ calls each of us to follow him in his mission  nurses, IT professionals, mental health workers and independent business owners. He calls retirees, English teachers, sales executives, human resource professionals and graphic designers. Each of these describe who Community of Christ Seminary students and graduates are.

Disciples and ministers come in every profession and walk of life.

Community of Christ Seminary is for common people with an uncommon passion to go deeper with God by study and by faith. Our accredited online two-year Master of Arts in Religion through Graceland University, a leader in online education, offers spiritual formation in Christian scripture, tradition and mission. Our committed faculty are experienced ministers and respected scholars in their chosen fields. In addition, the one-week focus sessions (a total of four over two years) build a deeper sense of Christian community through corporate worship, spiritual practices, and face-to-face class time and study with classmate and faculty.  Our students and graduates are the salt and leaven of their communities and local congregations, in their professions and in their families.

We are an uncommon community with a common cause, following Christ into the world. Consider joining us.