About the Scholarship Recipients

These scholarships help make students’ dreams of a college education possible.  Each scholarship can make a difference between affording educational dreams or deferring them.

The scholarships are applied toward tuition and help Graceland attract and retain students. Over 30 Agricultural Business students have benefited from these scholarships in the last three years. As this event grows, we hope to help more students every year. Last year, the auction raised over $12,000; and it is our sincere hope this year to raise even more funds.


Tyler Pettit

The money I receive from the agricultural business scholarship helped me pay for books. It means a lot to me because it shows that Graceland is committed to the Agricultural Business Program.

Eva Roberts

The Bruch Family Agricultural Business Scholarship has helped me become a successful student at Graceland University.  With this scholarship,  I know I can become the Global Ag Professional that I seek to be.  It gives me the confidence I need to graduate and become an excellent leader in life.

Elizabeth Sieleman

With the agricultural business scholarship being available to me, it helped me follow my dreams of going into agriculture. It has allowed me to experience many things here at Graceland through the agricultural business program that I would never have imagined.

April Smith

Because of the Bruch Family Agricultural Business Scholarship, I have the opportunity of attending a university close to my hometown without worrying so much about the financial burden I will face when I graduate from Graceland University in May of 2017.  With my agricultural and FFA background, I can expand my knowledge at Graceland with the Agriculture Business Program.