Online RN to B.S.N.

RN- B.S.N. Student Handbook

Our RN to B.S.N. online programs include specific areas of study allowing you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) in an organized and supportive learning environment. An undergraduate degree in nursing could help you pursue a career or move on to an online nursing program to pursue your master's degree, either at a traditional campus or one of our nursing programs online. Faculty and student support counselors at Graceland University in Independence, Mo., will guide your every step from application to completion of the RN to B.S.N. program. The result is a quality nursing degree that will put you in high demand.

You may receive up to 28 semester hours of credit for your previous undergraduate nursing courses, regardless of how long ago you earned them. General education credit may be awarded through transfer, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or online courses. A four-day, on-campus focus session is required for all B.S.N. students. Graduates will be awarded the B.S.N. degree upon completion of all requirements.

In order to complete one of Graceland’s RN to B.S.N. online programs, you will need to complete or transfer the following:
RN-B.S.N. Core Courses:


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NURS2460 Health Assessment 3 s.h.
NURS3440 Pathophysiology 3 s.h.
NURS3450 Pharmacology 3 s.h.
NURS4160 Leadership Roles in Nursing* 3 s.h.
NURS4280 Global Health and Policy Issues 3 s.h.
NURS4340 Community Health Care* 3 s.h.
NURS4380 Senior Clinical Practicum* 2 s.h.
NURS3160 Introduction to Evidenced Based Nursing 3 s.h.
NURS3460 Professional Seminar I 3 s.h.
NURS4420 Professional Seminar II 2 s.h.
Total Core Courses   28 s.h.

* Practicum may be completed in the student’s own community (anywhere in the
U.S.). In addition to working with a member of Graceland’s nursing faculty during
the practicum, the student’s observational/shadowing experience is monitored by a local preceptor.


RN-B.S.N. Support Courses:

BIOL2300 Anatomy and Physiology I 3 s.h.
BIOL2310 Anatomy and Physiology II 3 s.h.
BIOL2360 Introduction to Microbiology 4 s.h.
BIOL2560 Nutrition 3 s.h.
CHEM1320 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry 3 s.h.
MATH1380 Introduction to Statistics 3 s.h.
PSYC1300 Introduction to Psychology 3 s.h.
PSYC2250 Developmental Psychology 3 s.h.
SOC11300 Introduction to Sociology 3 s.h.
Total Support Courses   28 s.h.

All support and general education courses must be completed prior to enrollment in nursing core courses.

General Education requirements may be satisfied by completing an approved combination of courses listed in our online catalog. Most courses may be satisfied by transfer credit and others may be challenged or completed online. These requirements are waived for students possessing a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Details on each course in the RN to B.S.N. program can be found online in the Graceland University catalog.

About Your Location:

Every state in the U.S. creates its own specific regulations about online enrollment of the students who live within the state.  Some states require fees and/or application efforts that require a considerable investment of university resources.  In an effort to maintain a reasonable tuition rate, Graceland’s nursing program does not currently accept students who live in New York, Maryland or North Carolina. 

Graceland accepts students from Texas but is not regulated in Texas under Chapter 132 of the Texas Higher Education Code.

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