Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Graduate Student Handbook

Graceland offers master's of nursing online programs with specialty tracks in either family nurse practitioner or nurse educator. Our online graduate nursing programs are designed to provide working RNs the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in nursing through the completion of a combination of online cohort courses, on-campus focus sessions, and faculty- and preceptor-guided practicum experiences in the student's local community.

Over the course of our MSN program, students are required to attend a two-day focus session located at Graceland University's School of Nursing in Independence, Missouri. The master's degree in nursing focus session is scheduled in conjunction with the Advanced Practice Competencies Lab.

Graceland offers full-time and part-time options for completing our MSN programs:

Course Delivery and Completion Time

MSN courses are offered online via eCollege Learning Management System (LMS) within a 16-week trimester. The School of Nursing offers the following recommendations for completion plan schedule options. Completion times are approximate and may vary depending on each student’s individualized program of study schedule of course offerings. Master of Science in Nursing requirements include both a full-time and part-time option.

  • Full-Time Option: Flexible part-time or full-time employment with minimal to moderate personal and family obligations.
    • 6-8 s.h. or two courses/trimester
    • MSN-FNP: 47 s.h. total, completed across eight trimesters.
    • MSN-NE: 40 s.h. total, completed across six trimesters.
  • Part-Time Option: demanding part-time or full-time employment with moderate to high personal and family obligations.
    • 3-4 s.h. or one course/trimester.
    • MSN-FNP 47 s.h. total, completed across 12 trimesters.
    • MSN-NE 40 s.h. total, completed across 12 trimesters.
  • If you are looking for a distance master's degree in nursing, contact Graceland University today! Our campus for this program is located in Independence in Missouri and is near Kansas City.
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