Application Requirements for Graduate Nursing Programs

ALL APPLICANTS: Your completed* application packet must include:

  1. Completed GU-SON application form. (Please be sure to hit the 'Submit Your Application' button.)
  2. Application Fee: A $50 application fee must accompany each application. Make your check payable to Graceland University and include it into your packet. The application fee is non-refundable, unless requested within three business days of Graceland receiving the fee.    
  3. Official transcript in a sealed envelope:
    If you are applying to the Postgraduate Certificate or the D.N.P. program, we require the transcript only from the school where you earned your M.S.N.

    RN-M.S.N. applicants will need ALL transcripts from all schools attended including High School transcripts and/or GED. Which means, if you attended five different schools, we will need five transcripts.

    If you are applying to the M.S.N. Program, not the RN-M.S.N., we require your B.S.N. transcripts only and any transcripts from schools if you want any master's-level classes to transfer.   
  4. The State Board of Nursing online license verification: Visit your state's official website to access online license verification for your current RN Licensure in the United States. Print your individual licensure verification, including its expiration date, and include in your application packet. You may also use the Nursys® website. In most cases, this should not cost anything.
    We require three separate references, submitted by current or former employers, or individuals professionally acquainted with you and familiar with your academic competencies and goals (not relatives, friends, family physician or clergy). References from master's or doctoral-degreed nurses are preferred.
    Reference Form for M.S.N., Postgraduate (pdf)
  6. Transfer credit petition, requesting a maximum of 10 credits, if applicable.
    M.S.N. - Petition for Transfer Credit (pdf)
  7. Satisfactory criminal background check after acceptance.
  8. Enrollment Agreement Form. This form is attached to a 2nd email you will receive after you fill out the online application. This takes 24-48 hours for processing.


* Completed applications include all the necessary items listed in 1-8. Transfer credit petition is optional (6).

Only completed applications will be reviewed.

If you are seeking financial aid, you must complete a FAFSA form. Go to The GU School of Nursing's school code is 001866. This should be done at your earliest convenience.

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About Your Location:

Every state in the U.S. creates its own specific regulations about online enrollment of the students who live within the state.  Some states require fees and/or application efforts that require a considerable investment of university resources.  In an effort to maintain a reasonable tuition rate, Graceland’s nursing program does not currently accept students who live in New York, Maryland or North Carolina. 

Graceland accepts students from Texas but is not regulated in Texas under Chapter 132 of the Texas Higher Education Code.


    Please return all materials together in an envelope, including transcripts and reference letters.

    Applications are due:

    The first Monday in June for the Fall Semester
    The first Monday in October for the Spring Semester
    The first Monday in February for the Summer Term

    Please allow five to seven business days for mail. Direct your questions to the Applications Coordinator at 800-833-0524, ext. 4722.

    All completed applications should be sent to: Graceland University School of Nursing, Attn: Admissions, 1401 W. Truman Road, Independence, MO 64050

    For International Students Only:

  • Complete numbers 1-7 above, if applicable.

    Prior to consideration for admission, students who received their undergraduate degree from a country other than the United States or Canada must submit a CGFNS evaluation with a TOEFL score of 550 or higher on the written exam, or a 79 or higher on the online exam and GPA equivalency. For further information or assistance, you may contact CGFNS at

    Contact 800-833-0524, ext. 4722 for further instructions or for additional documentation needed.