Graceland University's Baughman Athletic Center Connects to the Community

May 15, 2014

When Madolyn (Rae) and Doyle Baughman were updating their wills last year, they wanted to include Graceland University in their plans. Kelly Everett proposed they do something that would benefit Graceland University as well as the Lamoni community, as Madolyn’s family hailed back to the 1800s in this area. There has been a building right in the middle of town that for several years has only been used as a storage facility, and had become somewhat of an eyesore. It had potential to become something more. With the generous gift from the Baughman’s, this storage building has been transformed and is now the Baughman Athletic Center.

With the return of the Graceland University Wrestling program, there was a need for a facility in which Graceland could hold practices and solidify their team. The BAC has a large wrestling room with a custom raised floor that offers some flexibility for the wrestlers as they throw down their opponents. It has heating and air conditioning to allow year-round availability, which will create the opportunity for Graceland to offer wrestling clinics in the summer. With a locker room, showers, laundry facilities, a training room and office, the Baughman Athletic Center will help the wrestling program become a winning team.

In addition to wrestling facilities, the BAC also has a room with batting cages, and can be used for pitching practice. The Graceland University Softball and Baseball teams will now be able to practice right in Lamoni, without having to drive to batting cages out of town. The Lamoni High School teams will be able to use them, as well as the Lamoni little league teams.

“Our roots are here in Lamoni, so when we came back to the community 15 years ago, we wanted to help out Graceland as well as the entire community,” said Doyle as he toured the new facility that bears his name. Doyle and Madolyn have an open invitation to watch the upcoming wrestling practices in the new Baughman Athletic Center this fall.