GU Football Uses Newest Technology

Graceland University Football Uses the Newest Technology in Concussion Awareness | March 21, 2013

While monitoring will not eliminate brain injuries altogether, the benefits of early identification and prevention of further injury are numerous and real-time monitoring of head impact exposure is exactly what this school is doing.

Graceland University will be using the Shockbox Helmet Impact Sensor in their team football helmets this year as part of an initiative to reduce the risk of concussions in student athletes.  Head Football Athletic Trainer, Erin Rae Lundy ATC and a prior graduate of Graceland, will be monitoring the head impacts that the players receive in games and practices in an effort to be proactive in the safety of their students.

Head Football Coach Jeff Douglas, a 20 year veteran of college football coaching said; “The Shockbox technology is crucial in helping us know when our players require sideline assessment, and it gives our training staff the information they need to treat our players. We want to maximize a safe return to play for our students.” The sensor provides the team’s medical staff with an immediate reference point to begin preventive measures in the form of coaching correction, reduced exposure levels, game time recovery and potential concussion assessment.

With the release of the Shockbox Helmet Impact Sensor for concussion management, this device is being used across North America in football, hockey, lacrosse and snow sports by parents, coaches and trainers who want to stay current in the technology available for the safety of players.

Danny Crossman, CEO and founder of Impakt Protective, helped develop the US Military helmet standard and has been included in various round table discussions in Canada and the United States as a subject matter expert.

"We feel strongly about being part of the solution with this very serious issue of concussion in sports," says Crossman, "and working with forward thinking organizations like Graceland University, coupled with extensive research, has been the key to our development and success and our mission to support concussion management programs everywhere so players can continue to enjoy the sport they love."

About Impakt Protective Inc.

Incorporated in 2010, Impakt is a privately owned hightech sensor company located in Ottawa, Canada and the creation of Danny Crossman and Scott Clark. Danny Crossman, a former Army bomb disposal officer and Business Development executive, led the development of numerous lifesaving technologies such as the bomb suit, featured in the movie The Hurt Locker; Advanced Combat Helmet impact pads; roadside bomb jammers used by the USMC and recently the Helmet Impact Sensors used by US Army and USMC to monitor mTBI in deployed soldiers and marines. Scott Clark is an active hockey player, coach as well as hockey Dad, and a former software high tech executive with experience in Program Management, Business Intelligence and Operations.

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