Food Symposium 2018


Graceland University is proud to host yet another Food Symposium this spring. This event brings together a diversity of voices that speak on economic, social or environmental issues as they relate to our food systems. Come hear sessions on such topics as how community food systems and rural development relate, the risks and implications of the prevalent use of the herbicide Dicamba, and how awareness of our food effects awareness of our environment and much, much more. This Lamoni campus, all-day event is open to everyone - alumni, local community members and those who make up the GU campus. There is a $25 attendance fee for non-students that directly supports the sustainability program at Graceland. Registration and refreshments start at 8 a.m. There are six one-hour sessions, and the final session ends at 3 p.m. Stay all day, or come and go as you please. For more information, visit