Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Online Programs

We know that financing your continuing education may be one of your biggest concerns. The following information is provided to make the process easier and more understandable.

Federal Aid

Graceland's online programs are eligible for federal aid. Undergraduates may be eligible for federal and state grants and loans, and graduates may be eligible for federal loans. You can apply for federal and state financial aid by going online to and filing a FAFSA using Graceland's school code (001866). These are lower interest loans and payment is deferred until six months after you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment within our program.

When Financial Aid Services receives your FAFSA, verification completed – if necessary, and you have been accepted into a Graceland program, you will receive notice that you can view your aid package on My Graceland. If this is the first time you are borrowing Direct Loans from Graceland, you will need to complete the two necessary loan requirements listed under “general requirements”. Until you have completed the financial aid process, student accounts may require that you make payments on enrolled classes. Once your aid package is in place, you can be reimbursed with your financial aid money.

Payment Plans

Graceland University offers easy, interest-free payment plans. For a one time processing fee of $15, you can pay for your current credit hours over two months. Longer payment plans require a $35 processing fee.

For more information visit our Web site at, or contact Graceland University Student Accounts at 866.786.2792.

Additional Information

Additional information on Military/Veterans Benefits and Student Rights can be found in our online catalog.


Questions? Please contact Financial Aid Services:

Phone: 866.472.2352