Advising & Registration

Once accepted into a graduate program, students will be assigned a Program Consultant who will develop a program completion plan. Registration of courses will be completed by the Program Consultant each trimester.

Any changes to the program completion plan must be discussed with the Program Consultant. Students may add a course during the first 13% of the session with the instructor’s consent and may withdraw without penalty from a course during the first 60% of the session. Graceland University students may withdraw from a course through the 13% point of the session without a “W”. A grade of “W” is recorded in any course from which the student withdraws after 13% and through 60% of the session. After 60% of the session is complete, the student is not allowed to withdraw from the course, and will be awarded the appropriate grade in the course.


Administrative Withdrawal from Online Courses

Students not participating in an online course before the withdrawal date may be administratively withdrawn with or without penalty.

Students who present with administrative situations such as the following will be referred to their Program Consultant/Registrar for action.

  1. A Graceland University student enrolled in any online course who does not log in and begin completion of course assignments in the online course during the first week of the course (unless special arrangements have been made between student and instructor) will be referred by the instructor to the Program Consultant/Registrar, who will contact the student. If the student elects to not continue the program, the Program Consultant/Registrar will administratively withdraw the student.
  2. Graceland University students enrolled in any online course must demonstrate an ongoing presence in their online course. If a student who has been previously participating in course assignments ceases all participation for two consecutive weeks (unless special arrangements have been made between student and instructor), that student will be referred by the instructor to Program Consultant/Registrar for counseling and withdrawal.


Withdrawal from the University

Students not returning to Graceland for the next semester or term are required to officially initiate the withdrawal process. Graduate students must formally notify their Program Consultant of the intent to withdraw and initiate the withdrawal process.

When a student is accepted into a graduate program, they are automatically registered for courses in the program. In order to avoid additional fees related to dropping registered courses, students must inform their Program Consultant in writing of their intention to withdraw prior to the start date of the term.


Student Stop Out

A student who is registered and pursuing classes at Graceland University may elect to Stop Out for one trimester without being officially withdrawn from the University, unless he/she plans to attend another institution during a trimester (fall, spring, or summer), or he/she is leaving Graceland University for medical reasons. A student who stops out during a trimester is eligible for a stop out through the next trimester. For documented military, official church mission, and foreign aid service reasons, a student may stop out for a period greater than one trimester. Students may convey to their Program Consultant in person, writing, or by telephone that he/she wishes to stop out for a trimester.

Courses for which the student is registered in future terms will remain in the system. The student's financial aid packaging methodology will remain the same. The student will otherwise not be considered withdrawn. The student will be reported to the U.S. Department of Education as Not Enrolled during the term of the Stop Out. A student enrolled in a locked-in tuition program or cohort model may have additional continuous enrollment obligations. An international student will not maintain his/her immigration status if he/she chooses to stop out.

If the student begins the Stop Out during the trimester, the following conditions also apply. Charges will be pro-rated following the standard refund policy which may result in a balance due. Financial Aid Services will calculate the Return of Title IV funds. Graceland loan offices will advise the student of the amount he/she has borrowed and his/her responsibility to repay the loans. Any grace period for a loan will go into effect and could be exhausted before the student returns. Current courses for which the student is enrolled will be recorded as follows: when the Stop Out is effective before the last day to drop classes for the session, classes will be dropped from the student's record; after the last day to drop classes, but before the last day to withdraw from classes, "W" grades will be recorded; and after the last day to withdraw from classes, the appropriate grade will be recorded.