Mid-Campaign Update

The goal of $75 million dollars for Graceland's students is a big number! And we're well on our way to reaching it with 99% already committed.

Everyone can be a part of this fund drive through participation in the Annual Fund drive, the Phonathons, Yellowjacket Club membership, special projects and any area of the donor's interest.

We track numbers to evaluate success, but the true success happens in the lives of the students who are impacted by the generosity of those who walked "the Hill" before them. Thank you to the 6,733 families who have already made your commitment to strength Graceland's future. It takes us all to make Graceland a really Great University.

We invite you to join us in the most ambitious goal the institution has ever set . . . $75,000,000!!

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For more information contact Kelly Everett, VP of Insitutional Advancement, at keverett@graceland.edu or 515-202-2171.

Graceland Forever Campaign Progress
As of August 31, 2015 -- Updated Quarterly

The $75 million is split between categories of needs, but students are the end beneficiaries of all categories.

  Results to Date Goal % of Goal
Facilities & Technology $23,964,662 $30,000,000 80%
Student $10,649,726 $15,000,000 71%
Faculty $4,874,074 $18,750,000 26%
Special Programs $3,545,607 $3,750,000 95%
Operating cash $7,036,445 $7,500,000 94%
Operating (grants) $6,926,973    
Operating deferred $17,500,313    
TOTAL $74,497,800 $75,000,000 99%
% total