Faculty Highlights

Graceland University Assistant Professor of Philosophy Kristin Seemuth Whaley participated in the 115th American Philosophical Association Central Division meeting in Chicago, Illinois, Feb. 21-24. Seemuth Whaley chaired a symposium, Neo-Hylomorphism, which addressed contemporary interpretations of Aristotle's metaphysics by Anna Marmodoro with commentary from Robert Koons and Ross Inman. Seemuth Whaley also attended various sessions on metaphysics and a panel on inclusive pedagogy.

Graceland University Associate Professor of History John Franklin, PhD, attended the 61st annual Missouri Valley History Conference (MVHC) in Omaha from March 1-3, where he served as chair and commentator for a session on the history of the Cold War. MVHC, according to literature provided at the conference, is the longest-standing professional gathering of historians in the region.

Graceland University Assistant Professor of Communication Raquel Moreira, PhD was presented with the Organization for Research on Women and Communication's Feminist Scholar of the Year Award on Feb. 17 in Santa Clara, California. The award is given annually to recognize the best article published in the organization's peer-reviewed journal, Women's Studies in Communication, during the past year. Moreira's article explores the importance of embodied politics for marginalized women as a point of entry to instigate structural changes in sexist, racist and classist contexts.

Graceland University Professor of Psychology David Devonis, PhD will present on the current state of his research on punishment in the history of modern psychology, specifically on "Matters of Life and Death: Psychologists' Views of Capital Punishment, 1880-1930" at the upcoming 50th Annual Meeting of Cheiron, International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences, to be held at the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, University of Akron, in June.

Graceland University Associate Professor of Business Administration Jeff McElroy participated in a “Shark Tank”-style event for mobile app development Saturday, Feb. 3, in Kansas City. The event, sponsored by mobile app developer PocketCake, was organized by Graceland graduate Terra Whipple ’08, founder and business strategist at Live By Change Consulting.