Master of Education in Literacy Instruction

Have you been looking for accredited online Master's in Reading programs? If so, our 30-hour, online M.Ed. in Literacy Instruction program might be right for you. Designed to provide practical content that can be immediately used in the classroom, including instructional strategies for reading and literacy development.

This program investigates key issues facing early literacy instruction programs and of literacy practices and teachers’ roles regarding reflective, instructional decisions based on an evolving view and understanding of the literacy process. Various philosophies and theories of reading, writing, and language acquisition are examined.

Our accredited online Master's in Reading programs continue by detailing the diagnosis of reading abilities and disabilities of individual pupils; development of programs for small groups and individuals at different levels of readiness; and evaluation of progress in reading ability based on both psychological and emotional adjustment. Theories of reader response in relation to the reading process and implications for instruction are explored.


Program Benefits

  • Convenient: Study at home or school
  • Affordable: Priced to fit an educator’s budget
  • Valuable: Use this fully accredited degree for career advancement
  • Enjoyable: View video(DVD) of master teachers applying course content in real classrooms
  • Rewarding: Apply what you have learned to help all your students succeed
  • Collaborative: Share the excitement of learning with your faculty mentor and colleagues

Program Delivery

During a two-year period, a cohort of teachers will participate in 30 semester hours of continuously sequenced course work.


EDUC5100 Strategies for Collaboration 3 s.h.
EDUC5103 Language, Literacy, and Learning 3 s.h.
EDUC5104 Literacy and Instruction 3 s.h.
EDUC5105 Early Literacy Development 3 s.h.
EDUC5106 Critical Perspectives of Children's Literature 3 s.h.
EDUC5107 Strategies for Reading Instruction 3 s.h.
EDUC5108 Literacy Instruction for ESL and Special Needs 3 s.h.
EDUC5109 Diagnostics and Assessment in Literacy 3 s.h.
EDUC6100 Classroom Inquiry and Action Research 3 s.h.
EDUC6110 Classroom Inquiry and Action Research Practicum 3 s.h.

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