Lamoni Instructions


Shaw Family Auditorium
SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2017  6:30 p.m.

All candidates for graduation will assemble in the lobby of the Shaw Center at 6 p.m. Graduates with last names that begin with A-L will assemble in the North corridor and M-Z in the South corridor. Proper attire will include mortarboards (caps) and gowns with appropriate dress clothes. You are “encouraged” to press your gown with a very cool iron. Special instructions for marching, standing and handling mortarboards will be given out at the time of the assembly.

Closson Center
SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017 10 a.m.

Candidates for graduation will assemble in lobby of the Shaw Center at 9 a.m.  All candidates for graduation must check-in with the Registrar staff in the lobby of the Shaw Center to receive the card that is presented to David Schaal, Vice President for Student Life, when crossing the stage. Check-in must be completed by 9:25 a.m. The Student Marshals will begin giving instructions promptly at 9:30 a.m. in the Shaw Family Auditorium, PLEASE BE PROMPT!   At 9:45 a.m., the Student Marshals will lead you to the Closson Center for final lineup behind the bleachers. Men should watch President Sellars for cues for removing and replacing mortarboards. All candidates will sit or rise with the Student Marshals.  Seating for the candidates for graduation is reserved, and the number of seats in each row is carefully counted to ensure all candidates have a seat.  Please follow the instructions of the Student Marshals to finish each row before starting a new row.  Disregarding these instructions could cause a miscount and result in someone else losing a seat!

Proper attire will include mortarboards and gowns. No extra decorations will be allowed on your mortarboard or gown.

The Deans of the academic divisions will present candidates for graduation by majors. Please rise and be seated as directed. It is not necessary that you sit with others in your major. Following the presentation by majors, all candidates will be asked to rise for the conferring of degrees. You will then move as directed with your card, handing it to David Schaal as you cross the stage area. You will receive your empty diploma cover and return to your seat. The Registrar’s Office will conduct an audit of your graduation requirements after final grades are posted. If complete, your diploma will be mailed to you shortly thereafter.

When exiting the stage, take care that the sleeve of your gown does not catch on the handrail, causing you to fall.  A Student Marshal will be there to assist.

Following the ceremony, exit well past the Closson Center toward the Administration Building, to leave room for others behind you who are also trying to exit. 

Guests in need of special seating should enter the Closson Center through the front or rear doors and ask an usher for assistance. There is no reserved seating for guests.

Photographs and video on DVD: A professional photographer will be taking photos of each graduate as he or she crosses the stage and during the handshake. The photographer will send information directly to you for your convenience in ordering. We will also be recording the ceremony. If you would like to purchase a DVD for $15, please complete the order form in the Commencement Brochure also posted on this site, and return it to the Academic Affairs Office prior to May 12, 2017.  Please do not send cash. 

Live Video Streaming: Parents, families and friends will be able to watch the Commencement Ceremony live by going to