Winter Term

The regular academic year at Graceland University includes the fall semester, the winter term, and the spring semester. Payment of full tuition, board, and room for the fall semester or the spring semester includes the winter term.

Ordinarily the winter term will be considered an extension of the fall semester, and full tuition, board, and room when paid for the fall semester will cover the winter term. For those full-time students who do not attend the fall semester, regular tuition, board, and room for the spring semester will entitle them to attend the winter term. Payment of tuition, room, and board collected at the beginning of winter term is credited to the student’s account when enrollment for spring semester is completed. Only those students enrolled in an on-campus winter term program are expected to be living on campus during that time. See Financial Requirements: Winter Term for tuition and fees and Financial Arrangements: Refund Policy for refunds.

Since many of the winter term programs have certain elements of risk because of travel and other action-type experiences, students should expect to absorb the special fees and other costs that accrue as a result of unexpected circumstances. A completed special waiver form is required by the university for off-campus and partially off-campus programs.

The Winter Term Schedule of Classes, found online, lists the class offerings. A detailed list of the official policies and procedures is available in the Winter Term Handbook of Policies and Procedures, and should be consulted when questions arise.

Students enrolling for Winter Term may choose from programs designed each year, by faculty members, specifically for the winter term period, from catalog approved courses offered in a condensed format, or they may propose individual study projects in an area of personal interest.

The winter term attendance requirements are as follows:

Two winter terms for full-time, baccalaureate students starting with less than 24 semester hours (s.h.) and enrolling in semester-based, campus programs. Students with 24-87 s.h. of transfer credit are required to take 1 winter term, and students with 88+ s.h. of transfer credit are required to take no winter terms.