Liberal Studies

B.A. Degree — Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies major offers the student an opportunity to devise, in concert with the faculty advisor, a program of study matched to the student’s particular needs and interests. Beyond the graduation requirements, the student’s program may consist of either:

  1. A concentrated area of study not already offered as a major. This area of study should include a minimum of 39 s.h. of course work, or
  2. The prescribed General Studies concentration which provides enriched study in at least three topic areas chosen from communications, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and professional fields. This area of study includes at least 36 s.h. of study of which 24 s.h. must be upper division courses.

    The student, in cooperation with a faculty adviser, submits the electronic application for the major.

    Programs presented for approval must be submitted one semester or summer session in advance of graduation. Final approval for designed concentrations rests with the faculty adviser, two additional faculty members knowledgeable about the area of concentration and the Special Programs Office. General studies proposals approval rests with the faculty adviser and Special Programs Office.