Health and Movement Science

Courses in Health and Movement Science

HMSC4320 Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics 3 s.h.
A study of the administrative structure in health, physical education, and athletics, and the interrelatedness of these programs to the specific needs of the community. 

HMSC4330 Organization and Administration for the Health Care Professional 3 s.h.
Provide an understanding of concepts and applications when administering a sports medicine program. Sports medicine professionals may include, but are not limited to, athletic trainers, nurses, physical therapists, physicians, and community health professionals.

HMSC4900 Research I 2 s.h.
The development of a research project with current issues and trends in health and movement science. Research methods will be presented. Students will be required to select a topic and a review of related literature. Prerequisite: Health and Movement Science majors with junior standing.

HMSC4910 Research II 1 s.h.
The design, implementation, analysis and presentation of results of the research project developed in HMSC4900 Senior Seminar I. Prerequisite: HMSC4900.

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