Courses by Arrangement

Permission may be granted for arranged courses when irresolvable scheduling conflicts exist that preclude enrollment in a regularly scheduled class. Arranged courses are selected from the courses listed in the current Graceland University Catalog. The grading basis, as indicated in the course description, is followed. If policy allows, students may opt to change letter-graded courses to a pass-fail grading basis. All semester course deadlines apply to arranged courses.

The following procedure applies to arranged courses:

  1. A completed Application for Enrollment in Arranged Course is submitted by the student to the Division Chair or Dean of the School responsible for the proposed course. The completed form must clearly include the rationale for the arranged course, the student’s desired grading basis, and signatures from the student’s academic adviser, and instructor.
  2. The Division Chair or Dean of the School notes the appropriate action and forwards the application to the Registrar.