Academic Standings

Students’ academic standings are determined at the end of each major semester/trimester, or at the time transfer work is recorded or grade changes are processed. Students’ cumulative GPAs determine one of the following academic standards: (1) Good Standing; (2) Probation; (3) Continued Probation; and (4) Academic Dismissal. Academic Dismissal is imposed only at the end of a major semester/trimester on any student enrolled for eight or more semester hours.

Students are placed on Probation when their cumulative grade point average falls below the following, expressed in terms of semesters of full-time college enrollment:

End of 1st semester (or at least 12 s.h. attempted): 1.70
End of 2nd semester (or at least 24 s.h. attempted): 1.80
End of 3rd semester (or at least 36 s.h. attempted): 1.90
End of 4th semester and after (or at least 48 s.h. attempted): 2.00

Students placed on Probation after a given session will be placed on Continued Probation after their next semester of enrollment if they do not achieve the required cumulative GPA. Students on Continued Probation must earn either the appropriate cumulative GPA or at least a 2.25 GPA for the current semester/trimester in order to continue enrollment. Those who do not achieve the required cumulative GPA but do achieve a 2.25 GPA for the current semester/trimester will be allowed to continue their enrollment on Continued Probation.  Students who fail to achieve the required GPA to be removed from probation and do not earn at least the 2.25 GPA for the semester/trimester will be academically dismissed.

Lamoni Campus students placed on Probation will be strongly encouraged to take advantage of free tutoring services provided by the Academic Divisions/Schools or the Academic Skills Center.

Full- and part-time students who are not classified as first-time freshmen (FF) and are enrolled for at least 8 semester hours during the current semester will be academically dismissed when they:

  1. fail to satisfactorily complete 6 semester hours in a given semester/trimester and are not making satisfactory academic progress, or
  2. earn less than a 1.50 grade point average for a given semester/trimester and are not making satisfactory academic progress, or
  3. are on Continued Probation and fail to achieve the required cumulative GPA or at least a 2.25 GPA for the current semester/trimester.

Previous deficient academic standing will not be held against students who have subsequently achieved good standing.

Winter terms and summer sessions may affect probationary status, but cannot cause dismissal.

The academic performance of those enrolled for 7 semester hours or less cannot cause automatic dismissal— i.e., dismissal based on a single semester's/trimester's work. However, their cumulative hours earned and cumulative GPA will be evaluated on the same basis as those of full-time students and thus may lead to probation or continued probation.

Grade changes and late receipt of college transfer work may affect probationary status at the time documentation is received by the Registrar’s Office. Academic Dismissal, however, may occur only at the end of the regular semester/trimester.


Readmission After Academic Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed may be readmitted only after applying for readmission and being approved by the Curricular Adjustment Committee (CAC). Academic dismissal is for a minimum period of one semester for the first dismissal, two semesters for a second dismissal, and six semesters for a third dismissal. Only extreme circumstances would warrant consideration by the CAC for consideration prior to the minimum period defined above. Summer Session may be considered a semester. Demonstration of academic success will improve chances for readmission. Print an Application for Readmission here now. The form is also available at InfoCentral or the Registrar's Office in Patroness Hall.

Any decision by the CAC with regard to this policy is final.