Tess Morgan

Academic Housing:

  • Women's Residence Hall
  • Rooms: 136
  • Capacity:  245
  • Houses by floor:
    •  North Tess Morgan
      • First Floor:  Hanthorne
      • Second Floor:  Khiyah
      • Third Floor:  Shalom
    • South Tess Morgan
      • First Floor: Amici
    • West Tess Morgan
      • First Floor:  Dimora
      • Second Floor:  Paloma
      • Third Floor:  Sariah


Special Features:

  • Wireless Internet throughout the building
  • 2 Wired Internet Ports in each room (student must provide internet cable)
  • 1 Cable TV port in each room (with provided coaxial cable)
  • Air conditioned house lounge on every floor with tv and dvd players for student use
  • Laundry Facilities on each floor (2 washers and 2 Dryers)
  • Bed lofting/bunking kits provided
  • Room furniture for each occupant includes 1 chair & desk. 1 Dresser. 1 Wardrobe and 1 Bed
  • Kitchen available for student use equipped with stove, oven, sink and refrigerator
  • Main lounge with big screen TV and leather furniture
  • Vending machines in main lounge
  • Security locked entryway doors with ID required entry
  • Security cameras in building
  • Piano for student use
  • Kitchen cookware/bakeware available for checkout
  • Tools available for checkout
  • Student storage located in building
  • Bike racks located immediately oustide of facility

Hall Address:

Tess Morgan Residence Hall
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA 50140

Contact Information:

Hall Director: Alexandra Martinez 641-784-5350
Reception Desk: 641-784-5377

Hall History:

Tess Morgan Hall consists of three wings, the south one completed in 1960, and the other two completed in 1967. In 1959 the Campus Planning Committee recommended that the structure be named Tess Morgan Hall, in recognition of the Graceland faculty member who taught English for 33 years and who served as dean of women.