Leadership & Service

Leadership and service opportunities at Graceland give students the opportunity to meet new people, connect to campus, recognize their leadership potential and clarify personal, academic and professional goals. Students participating in leadership and service programs at Graceland University engage in a journey toward personal growth, social responsibility and building community.

Student Government & House Council Leadership

At Graceland, we offer a unique system that merges student government and the housing system. Each floor of the residence halls is designated as a "house” with its own name, symbol and colors. The integration of student government and the houses allows student leaders to impact the entire campus community and to plan and run programs for the house. This is accomplished by house council leaders becoming the members and decision makers in the student government organizations. This unique system immediately engages students in positive communities.

Graceland Student Government (GSG)

GSG consists of six branches and a GSG President:

  • Campus Organization for Social Activities (COSA)
  • Senate
  • Academic Student Council (ASC)
  • Council of House Chaplains (CHC)
  • Council of House Presidents (CHP)
  • Intramurals
  • Campus Ministries and Ministerial Leadership

Campus Ministries at Graceland University follows an integrated vision for each person’s personal, vocational and spiritual development in the life of community. Though Christian in identity and tradition, Campus Ministries’ mission is ecumenical and interfaith in scope. The Campus Ministries program on the Lamoni campus covers a variety of weekly worship experiences as well as events that focus on personal wholeness and peace & justice ministry. The Chaplain program partners with Residence Life to offer practical leadership experience for students interested in combining peer leadership and ministry. The Community of Christ Leadership Program (CCLP) offers a minor in church leadership along with training events, spiritual retreats and hands-on ministry experience for students interested in Christian leadership and congregational life.

Community of Christ Leadership Program

The Community of Christ Leadership Program (CCLP) is a cooperative effort between Graceland University and Community of Christ. It is designed to create an intentional track for persons desiring to pursue their giftedness in ministry and church leadership.

Our Mission

The CCLP exists to develop high-caliber, well-rounded students who desire to serve in present and future leadership roles within Community of Christ.

Our Goals...

  • Prepare students for effective church leadership in a variety of settings.
  • Provide students introductory exposure to religious and theological studies.
  • Create an atmosphere of open dialogue and support for students engaged in theological exploration and self-discovery.
  • Assist students with the integration of theory and practice of ministry.
  • Provide students with opportunities to offer ministerial leadership through Community of Christ.
  • Support and strengthen campus religious life.

AmeriCorps Youth Launch

AmeriCorps Youth Launch (AYL) provides positive youth development activities that build a youth-serving network in a six county region in south-central Iowa. AYL assists students in achieving educational success and building developmental assets through the involvement and support of many community partners. With a goal to increase the awareness of and engage youth in civically minded activities, members provide youth development and “5 promises” to youth of all ages throughout the area and encourage them to find their “spark”. For students who wish to get involved in the AmeriCorps Program, or to volunteer, please visit Americorp at GU.




**Graceland University is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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