Who Is Going

President John and Bette Sellars

VP for Student Life David '80 and Michelle (Lee) '80 Schaal

Jack and Lila (White) '64 Oiler Barnhouse

Stephen Beaulieu

Cindy Guillett-Beytin '79 and Brooke Beytin '16

Melvin and Debbie '06 Crowley

Wayne and Betty Ellis

Michael and Elizabeth Franklin

Sandra Gamet '70

Charles and Catherine (Cook) '68 Greenberg

Dwight '54 and Doris (Brooks) '54 Heath

Rick '82 and Sandra (King) '82 Isham

Earl '53 and Ardyce (Mellendorf) '54 Koonce

Gearl '53 and Betty Koonce

Gilbert Mann

Roland '77 and Beth (Sims) '78 Marolf

Leonard '67 and Claudia Mussell

Patricia O'Hara

Pamela (Hastings) '66 and John O'Neal

Bill and Mary Pennington

Ward '53 and Donnie Serig

Marvin '63 and Thelma (Eagle) '91 Sword

Robert and Sandra Walker

Glenn Waldrop

Gregory and Donna Wendling

Larry '68 and Karen (Smith) '68 Winters