Class of 1977

If you would like to help plan your 40 year class reunion or know the current status of a Lost Alumnus, please contact the Alumni Programs Office at 866-GU4-EVER (866-484-3837) or

who is registered Lost Alumni

Terry Ball '77

Mark Brewster '77

Kent Clisby '77

Evelyn Conrad '76

Michael Edwards '77

Brent Elliott '77

Kelly Everett '77

Joanie Kenworthy '77 Glandon

Carol Plumlee '77 Herbst

Roger Hintzsche '77

Erwin Houser '77

Sherry Barber '77 Jagger

Roland Marolf '77

Mary McDermott '77

Judy Scott '77

Nancy Jewell '77 Simmons

Russ Simmons '77

Ron Sutton

Debbie Morton '77 Thederahn

Lori Chandler '77 Thomas

Roger Tuttle '77

Steven Upson '77

Dianne Peters '77 Valentine

Ron Weiberg '77

Jim Young '77

Michael Lin Andes

Lee Scott Benson

Diane Marie (Blasick) Biddle

Guy Warren Chambers

Catherine Daniele Comte

Shirley May (Baca) Dean

Robin Lavon Dickerson

David Wayne Easter

Douglas Kent Fisher

Frank Paul Fitchner

Dorothy Mae Foss

Claudia Denise (Sutton) Green

Diane Lynn (Silvers) Haight

David Lee Henderson

Dorothy Yvonne (Brown) Livingston

Jesse Howard Martin

Michael John Michelsen

William K. Miller

Steven Derby Montgomery

Freddie Lee Rodgers

Linda Marie (Livingston) Snell

Teresa  Stanford

Gary Andrew Taylor

Emmett A Washburn

Wendy Sue (Terry) Washburn

Dwayne Kent Winslow

Last updated:  10/6/2017