Graduate Degrees and Majors/Online Programs

Graceland's accredited online graduate programs build on our tradition of educational excellence in the classroom. You'll take courses from our esteemed professors and get to know your fellow students just as you would on one of our campuses.

Current graduate degrees online degree programs include:


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Our RN to BSN program includes specific areas of study and practice designed to allow you to earn a BSN in an organized and supportive learning environment. Students must hold a current nursing license in the United States. The program includes clinicals performed in your own community (anywhere in the United States), as well as a one-time residency at our Independence, MO campus.

BA in Health Care Management

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Our BA in Health Care program provides students with the knowledge and skills for management positions in the health care industry. Up to 30 hours of credit may be received for previous work experience and continuing education in health related fields. No nursing experience or clinical hours are required.

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This program, often called a "bridge" program, offers Registered Nurses the opportunity to complete their BSN and MSN degrees via an accelerated process, saving up to 11 semester hours of course work. In this unique program, students are required to take only the graduate level Professional Development I and II, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Scientific Inquiry courses, rather than the undergraduate courses providing similar content. The program includes clinicals performed in your own community (anywhere in the United States), as well as at least one residency at our Independence, MO campus.

Students who are enrolled in this program will have the option to "stop-out" and earn a BSN only if they desire. All requirements for admission for the MSN program will be met prior to starting graduate level courses. The MSN program offers two degree tracks: Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator.

Master of Arts in Religion

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The Master of Arts in Religion (30 graduate hours) provides a strong academic foundation in Bible, Christian history, and theology. These subjects offer essential preparation for Christian ministry and/or doctoral study in religion. This program is predominantly online.  Students may take between 2 and 4 years to complete the MAR curriculum, which includes week-long focus sessions during the 4th week of January and the 4th week of May.

Master of Education

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Our online Master of Education program is available to educators who hold an undergraduate degree in education or an educational endorsement from an accredited university. To be accepted into this program you must also have a current Teaching Certificate and verification of current teaching employment that includes at least 20 hours per week in the classroom.

We offer six online Masters of Education degree options:

  1. Management of the Quality Classroom (William Glasser focus),
  2. Curriculum and Instruction (online and face to face)
  3. Differentiated Instruction
  4. Literacy Instruction
  5. Technology Integration
  6. Mild/Moderate Special Education

We also offer a 15 Hour Certificate in Differentiated Instruction.

Master of Nursing

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Students interested in our online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program must have graduated from an accredited BSN program and hold a current nursing license in the United States. Two career options are available: Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator. The program includes clinicals performed in your own community (anywhere in the United States), as well as at least one residency at our Independence, MO campus.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

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The nursing world is changing and there is a definite push and plan for nurses to have a Doctor of Nursing (DNP) as their terminal degree. As a leader in nursing education, Graceland's School of Nursing feels that this is an important moment for the nursing world and we will be offering the first doctoral degree at Graceland University through this program. Our School of Nursing has long been a pioneer and leader in online nursing programs. We have been offering distance learning programs since 1988 and offering the postgraduate D.N.P. program is the next logical step for our innovative faculty.

As the nursing profession and the healthcare system evolves, so will nursing education at Graceland. Our doctorally prepared practitioners are not only expert clinicians, but also leaders who will direct changes in the healthcare system. They will advocate for policies that will meet the needs of a diverse society. At Graceland University, we strive to facilitate goal achievement for our students. Offering them the opportunity to earn a D.N.P. degree will enhance their status and parity with other healthcare professionals.