Career, Academic and Personal Counseling (CAP) Center

The CAP Center develops and builds supportive relationships with students as they establish life goals.  We help them with planning and implementation throughout their Graceland experience, and empower them towards self-actualization.

About Us

The CAP Center has been integrated with career, academic and personal counseling all available at the Center.

The CAP Center is one of the first contacts a newly accepted student makes with the university. We provide professional advisers for all entering students. We are part of your advising team until you finalize a major, then faculty advisors will be added to your team.

We help answer the tough questions, everything from “What do I do with my life?” to resumes and internship and  job searches. We’ve got your back.

If a student has questions, problems, concerns, they are not alone.  The CAP Center has a personal counselor that provides confidential, mental health counseling and education to help you maintain mental wellness throughout the college experience.

Office Hours: Weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or by appointment as needed.

Phone: 641.784.5200
Fax: 641.784.5486