Larry Murphy, MBA

Associate Professor of Accounting

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Larry D. Murphy, MBA, CPA, is Associate Professor of Accounting at Graceland University. He holds a BS in Industrial Administration from Iowa State University and an MBA from Drake University. His professional experience includes public accounting with an international CPA firm, managerial accounting as a corporate controller for a national retail chain, and teaching accounting, both for Graceland University and elsewhere. Mr. Murphy’s previous employment helped him recognize an understanding of and the need for quality instruction in the classroom. In order to learn and comprehend accounting concepts, examples are provided during class and reinforced with homework assignments, and exams are intended to be challenging and thought-provoking.

In Mr. Murphy’s experience, accounting is the language of business. Financial understanding and fiscal responsibility are important to corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental entities. Accounting provides the information for people to make daily decisions in their professional and personal lives, and every person should have a foundation of financial literacy that is provided by the knowledge of accounting. 

Each course taught by Mr. Murphy contains the two recurring components of ethics and current events. In recent years, the accounting profession has changed due to scandals and ethical conflicts. An awareness of these past situations will hopefully help students learn to make better decisions in the future. Ethical dilemmas are presented for discussion and possible resolution on both an individual student basis, as well as group cases. Reading and referencing material beyond the textbook is an expected part of the accounting learning process.

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