Laurel Welty

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Laurel Welty MSN, FNP-BC, is Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing, and 2016 marks her sixth year teaching at Graceland University. Ms. Welty graduated from Graceland's BSN-FNP program in December 2008, and has been in practice since. Her experience encompasses family practice in primary care, pediatrics, retail, and locum tenens.

Ms. Welty earned her LPN Diploma in 2000, Associate Degree in Nursing in 2001 and BSN/MSN from Graceland University in 2008, and graduated at the top of all her classes. She is currently enrolled in Graceland’s DNP program as an honors student with projected completion of her doctorate in May 2018. In addition to teaching and being a student herself, she serves in a federally-funded community health center in a rural area.

Ms. Welty and her husband have been married for over 35 years and have a daughter and son-in-law, 4 children, and two dogs, Lillie (malty-poo) and Maggie (toy poodle), of which she is totally "mom." Her dogs are rather spoiled, but she loves them dearly; they are therapeutic and bring her much joy!

In her spare time, Ms. Welty enjoys walking, canning (from the wonderful produce graciously given by her friends), kayaking, spending time with her family and friends, crocheting and reading actual science books/texts.

Ms. Welty had always wanted to be a nurse, but was unable to follow that path until her late 30’s. The catalyst was when 3 friends and her mother died rather suddenly within a 2-year period. She decided then she wanted to pursue her dream. Prior to that, she worked as an Administrative Assistant and in Accounting.