Amy Salmeto-Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • 641-784-5291

Amy Salmeto-Johnson, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Graceland University. She primarily teaches Introductory Psychology, Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology and Critical Thinking in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the courses which all GU students take their first semester. Senior Research in Psychology and topics courses in Psychology have also been taught by Dr. Salmeto-Johnson. Her research and educational background is in biopsychology, specifically involving the use of animal models in understanding the psychological disorders of anxiety and depression.

Attending a small liberal arts college in her home state of Michigan, Albion College, Dr. Salmeto-Johnson completed her undergraduate degree. She continued her studies at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) earning her master’s and doctorate in Psychology.

Given her background, Dr. Salmeto-Johnson worked with Dr. Teri Foster in the biology department to create a neuroscience concentration here at Graceland that will allow students to explore this growing interdisciplinary field. And as this concentration grows, she looks forward to sharing her passion and working with students on neuroscience research projects.

In her personal life, Amy enjoys cooking, yoga, kayaking and spending time with her husband, Wayne and their dogs, Miley and Max.

Office Location

Zimmermann 215