Matthew J. Frizzell, PhD

Dean, Community of Christ Seminary

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Eons ago, human beings looked up at the sun. They saw a god blazing across the sky. Today, we look up at the same sun. Now, we see fusion. What’s the difference? Ideas. Knowledge. Perspective. Both ancient peoples and modern persons see with their eyes. But, ideas, stories, experience, thought and relationships determine what we see. 

I teach ethics, theology, and religion courses at Graceland University and Community of Christ Seminary. I ask, teach, profess and explore the questions that make human lives and life together.

Who are you?  Who am I?
What is just and right? 
To whom am I responsible?
How are we to live? 

Religion asks these questions, and religious traditions – ancient and modern – respond to them. These questions are for every age, every community, every situation and every person. Such questions are essential to live together on the planet. Without them, we are not human. 

True education does not simply inform. It forms. 

Descartes was ultimately wrong. It’s not, “I think, therefore I am.” I am and you are because we are (relationships). You and I are what we choose and do (ethics). You are, and I am what we make (creativity). Our humanity is in the face of the Other (difference).

I am a dad, best friend, minister, cook, outdoorsman, musician, social critic and humble activist. I serve Community of Christ on the Theology Formation Team and other denominational councils. I hold degrees and coursework in theology, ethics, critical social theory, social justice and postmodern philosophies. I love blue cheese, camping, reading, fresh ground coffee, big dogs, cold weather, Euchre, motorcycles and overlooked underappreciated things – like old Kirby’s, classic Volvos, LP’s and old wood flooring. 

Selected Courses:

RELG5011     Christian Theology
RELG6240     Contemporary Culture and Theologies
RELG6900     Adv Topics in Practical Ministry: Christian Ethics for Mission
RELG2220     Religion and Social Justice
RELG3360     Ethics of Hope
RELG3900B  Topics: God and Sex
RELG2900A  Topics: Life & Writings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Office Location

Shaw Center for the Performing Arts