Jan Rice, PhD

Associate Dean, Professor of Nursing

  • 816-833-0524 x4671

I have been a nurse since 1977 and an educator since 1990.  I hold a BSN degree with minors in Biology, Music Theory & Composition; a MSN-Adult CNS degree with a minor in Adult Education, and a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction with minors in Nursing & Pathophysiology. My professional practice and content areas of expertise include leadership & management, adult critical care, cardio-pulmonary disease, hemodynamics, anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, nursing education, clinical scholarship and research. My areas of research interest include effective teaching and testing strategies, student learning outcomes, student satisfaction and attrition, evidence-based practice, clinical scholarship, and faculty development.

When not working, I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, reading, movies, live theater & dance, music, art, philosophy (see below J) and sports including college basketball, professional soccer/football and baseball with my family.

My philosophy of teaching is informed by the Principles of Adult Learning, Cooperative Learning Theory, Constructivism, and Servant Leadership. My primary goal is to create student-centered learning communities based on trust and mutual respect. This includes assisting learners in identifying and building on relevant knowledge that they currently possess, applying this knowledge to new and novel situations, and fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity. Question everything!

Bertrand Russell tells us that the value of philosophical contemplation, asking questions, is “not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions…but rather for the sake of the questions themselves”. Simply asking the question, suggests possibilities, enlarges and expands our thoughts, emotions and actions beyond ourselves; frees us from the “tyranny of custom” (the way we’ve always done it), making us “citizens of the universe” capable of thinking bigger than ourselves and acting for the greater good. Aristotle is considered one of the greatest philosophers of all time, not because his answers were correct; they almost all turned out to be false; but because he systematically asked all the right questions and compelled us to think how we might possibly find answers to them! 

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Independence Campus