Brian McSherry JD

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

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  • 641-784-5325

BFA, MFA - University of Buffalo

Brian McSherry, JD, is Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Graceland University. A designer from New York, Professor McSherry strays from the path of the expected by approaching his work with a sense of experimentation and a knowledge of visual theory and law. He pushes the limits of design within the social and legal realms and is constantly creating his own definitions.

Professor McSherry’s research began after receiving a Fulbright Fellowship to study bilingual graphic design trends in Quebec, and the laws that define the international design industry.

Following this research, he began and completed a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Juris Doctorate with a focus on Intellectual Property while working in the commercial design industry.

Professor McSherry has written and spoken about art in law and law in art both nationally and internationally.