Executive Council

Kathleen M. Bash

VP for Institutional Effectiveness

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Lee Bash, PhD

Dean, Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

There is something incredibly exciting and powerful about being a part of a large jazz ensemble when it’s playing really well! It’s like harnessing a lightning bolt!...

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Scott Briell

VP of Enrollment Management

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Paul Davis

VP of Business Services

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Kelly W. Everett

VP Institutional Advancement

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Matt Frizzell, PhD

Dean, Community of Christ Seminary

Eons ago, human beings looked up at the sun. They saw a god blazing across the sky. Today, we look up at the same sun. Now, we see fusion. What’s the difference?...

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Claudia Horton, PhD

Dean, School of Nursing/Professor of Nursing

I love being at Graceland! For 22 years, I have served as a faculty member and an administrator in the School of Nursing. Having earned my associate degree in nursing at a commu...

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Robert Poulton

Dean of C.H. Sandage School of Business; Associate Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor Economics As an undergraduate at Wittenberg University, I began studying economics as preparation for law school.  After my second course though, I w...

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David Schaal

VP of Student Life and Dean of Students

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John Sellars


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Jodi L. Seymour

Executive Assistant to President

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Brian White, PhD

Interim VP of Academic Affairs and Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

I teach literature, film, cultural studies and critical theory, and writing courses.  Introducing students to the intellectual means by which “a ha” moments reg...

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