Executive Council

Kathleen M. Clauson Bash PhD

VP for Institutional Effectiveness

Lee Bash, PhD

Dean, Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

There is something incredibly exciting and powerful about being a part of a large jazz ensemble when it’s playing really well! It’s like harnessing a lightning bolt!...

Scott Briell MA

VP of Enrollment Management

R. Paul Davis MA

VP of Business Services

Patricia H. Draves PhD


Dr. Patricia Draves earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Mount Holyoke College and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Champa...

Kelly W. Everett BA

VP Institutional Advancement

Matthew J. Frizzell, PhD

Dean, Community of Christ Seminary

Eons ago, human beings looked up at the sun. They saw a god blazing across the sky. Today, we look up at the same sun. Now, we see fusion. What’s the difference?...

Claudia D. Horton, PhD

Interim Vice President for the Independence Campus and Dean, School of Nursing

I love being at Graceland! For 22 years, I have served as a faculty member and an administrator in the School of Nursing. Having earned my associate degree in nursing at a commu...

Robert A. Poulton PhD

Dean of C.H. Sandage School of Business; Associate Professor of Economics

As an undergraduate at Wittenberg University, I began studying economics as preparation for law school.  After my second course though, I was hooked.  I loved the way ...

David Schaal MA

VP of Student Life and Dean of Students

Jodi L. Seymour

Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Brian J. White, PhD

Interim VP of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty and Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

I teach literature, film, cultural studies and critical theory, and writing courses.  Introducing students to the intellectual means by which “a ha” moments reg...